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Product Experience

Beauty Products:
  • Proactive Solution
  • Wen Haircare
  • Sheer Cover
  • Meaningful Beauty
  • Natural Advantage
  • Principal Secret
  • Youthful Essence
  • In an Instant
  • Ice Elements
  • Chris McMillan Hair
  • Viviscal
  • Coolway
  • Skin Essentials
Fitness / Wellness Products:
  • Live Cool
  • Malibu Pilates
  • Rob Nevins' Skinny Switch Secret
  • Winsor Pilates
  • Triverex
  • BioSoothe
  • Ab Laser
  • All Pro Science
  • Organic Infusions
  • Big Muse
  • Tony Robbins' Ultimate Edge
  • Midnight Special
  • Jim Banks' Probate Profits Made Easy
  • CyberDefender
  • 1-Day Solar
  • Platinum Medical Billing

"For over seven years, we've relied on Cameron for many specific research needs: from exploring new categories to valuing product potential, uniqueness and differentiation, to analyzing consumer behavior. He understands our strategic goals. What we get from him is not just information, but actionable information--tools that can turn a borderline opportunity into a money-making success. We consider him an outstanding resource."
  • Greg Renker, Founding Principal/Co-Chairman, Guthy|Renker LLC
"When I need help understanding a market segment, Cameron's my go-to. Whether it's assessing a product's viability or positioning or establishing our USP, he's able to boil large amounts of material down to what matters most and communicate those findings to my team. Dependable, thorough, his contributions have consistently proven instrumental to our creative process. I highly recommend him."
  • Boris Shimanovsky, President, GR Match, LLC
"Our goal was to promote a home solar product through the direct response channel. Cameron was able to identify key strategic opportunities and provide actionable recommendations, as well as usable copy, which we incorporated into our website. The result: nearly double the conversion rate. We couldn't have been happier. Caring, insightful... he's a pleasure to work with."
  • Michele Magee, CMO, Paramount Equity
"Cameron combines brilliant writing talents with years of infomercial experience, and is one of the most detail-oriented, insightful direct marketing researchers I know."
  • Andy Spivak, President, Spivak Consulting Inc.
"Cameron was my direct contact at Guthy-Renker for many projects we conducted in the beauty and fitness categories. He is excellent to deal with, laying out clear objectives and requirements for each study we worked on. He was more than helpful with the analysis, having a clear picture of the findings and helping to refine our suggestions from the results. A true professional who is easy to deal with because he knows what he is discussing and what he wants from a project." 
  • George Sloan, Owner, Customer Strategy Consulting
 With over 20 years combined experience in direct response marketing, writing, sales and publicity, I've helped launch beauty, fitness, wellness and IP products that together have earned more than $300 million in revenue to date. 

Whether your company has its own internal advertising production capabilities or you outsource your advertising needs, today’s multi-channel marketplace has proven both a boon and challenge to marketers. 

With more potential consumer touch-points than at any time in history, there are now more ways than ever to communicate your brand identity. To succeed in reaching the broadest possible audience, however, often requires input from a growing variety of creative specialists, who are increasingly removed from the product’s initial development and ideation. The longer the creative chain, the more teams or companies involved, the more chance there is for miscommunication along the way. Like a game of telephone, even the most finely planned marketing strategy can become distorted by the time it reaches the public ear, creating a lack of perceived uniqueness. 

The fact is today, to effectively communicate your creative strategy internally can be almost as challenging as conveying your message to customers. Inefficiencies in messaging throughout the creative cycle can lead to flaws in a product’s value structure, costing your company lost sales and thousands in added advertising/production expenses. Now more than ever, you need a strong foundation document for your advertising: to build consensus among key decision makers from the start and to ensure that your marketing strategy is communicated accurately and consistently throughout the lifetime of your integrated campaign. I can help you.

As a consultant, drawing on six plus years experience in marketing, product development and infomercial production for Guthy|Renker LLC, a world leader in direct response marketing with over $1.5 billion in annual sales, I understand the value of information and consumer feedback relative to the direct response model—an appreciation that informs my research and sets me apart as a unique asset to other writers and marketers. And a
s a writer myself with a Masters in creative writing and over 12 years experience working in publishing publicity and sales, I’m able to not only articulate the technical analytics of a marketing strategy as a blueprint for creative but translate those findings into actionable ad copy.

My clients range from start-ups to industry leaders in beauty, personal care, health and fitness, wellness, and a range of miscellaneous categories. I have provided research and focus group work for such blockbuster products as Proactiv Solution, the #1 acne product in America, and Chaz Dean's Wen, the best-selling haircare product in the history of DRTV. From working to identify business opportunities to product inception and strategic positioning, to naming, scripting, advertising production and web copy, my mission remains the same: to help you realize and maximize the perceived value of your new or existing product, to boost response and improve sales conversion.

I look forward to your business.

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